Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Villa by Barton G aka the Versace's House - Part 2

Dinning at The Villa was, in my opinion, a feast for the senses. Everything aspired to activate the senses. From the beauty of the dining room which were almost overbearing for the eyes, the perfect temperature of the champagne which left a soothing feeling, the flavors and presentation on every dish all combined with the graceful service made this an unique experience. You are at Gianni's. 

You are greeted by a fabulous set of china and obviously by the waitress. The amuse bouche was sent straight in by chef: shrimp with a punchy note of cilantro.

With a champagne glass on hand we selected our appetizer and main courses. A bloc of foie gras to begin with... there were notes of chocolate and compote = yummy!

My main course was a beef duo, and the filet mignon with the foie gras on top was just scandalous. Divine!

The desert was also something to write home about, an assortment of beignets ready to be dipped in a cinamon- coffee foam. Sumptuous!

Overall, this will be an evening to remember. Lots of pictures taken and a very pleasant time spent with my parents.
Thank you kindly for reading! I really hope you've enjoyed this post.

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