Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Stuff - Shoe design for dummies

Being a fashion designer is a dream of many. But there is one specific industry that is the true holy grail - and that, my friend, is the shoe industry. Shoes are often the most expensive piece on a lady's outfit, a lady's shoes are almost like her baby - they deserve love an attention.
But if we love our shoes, how much more do we love our shoe designer? I have heard women state the Manolo is the only man in the world that really understands a woman's soul (sorry Christian!). Now what if I told you you can be your own shoe designer? No, I don't expect you to be as good as the big designer names out there, but you can have a voice and design something that you would love to wear. Fantasy? Dream come true? Now it's a reality! Shoes of Prey is a website that will allow you to pick from colors to materials, to the height of the heels desired!
There are some pre-set models and we can customize them to our liking and for those who don't feel too inspired, there are some examples of designs other customers came up with.

Shipping is free worldwide and the price point is what you'd expect for a good pair of leather shoes at a retail store.

You can go crazy and design your own statement shoes for the season. Or even design the perfect pair to match that crazy bridesmaid outfit with that weird color your friend picked! If you can't find a specific design/color at a retail store, now you can create it!
As for me, I am still playing with the website, design is something really important to me (hey, I majored in it!) so I am coming up with just the perfect pair for the summer!

Where to find:
Thank you so much for reading!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nikki Beach (South Beach)

While in Miami I had two things in mind: sun and tanning. Living in San Francisco has made me become obsessed about enjoying sunny weather to its most. Being born and raised in Brazil, I used to not understand why people would request a table in the sun - are them crazy? I silently thought making a weird shock face.
Now that the days with temperatures that rise above 80 degrees a year can be counted in one hand - mind you, I am talking about San Fran, if you go 10 miles in any direction you'll have hot Californian weather- I am almost like a lizard sun worshiping and soaking in each ray.
So when my parents were clueless about what to do on a beautiful sunshine morning in Miami, I had the answer - let's head to Nikki Beach (I had previously talked about it here.) Ready, set, go!
First thing to keep in mind is that parking is horrid. Everybody obviously wants to be there, the valet is full by 11 am, so if you can take a cab do so. We were not that smart and ended up going around quite a bit before finding a spot - obviously my dad was complaining through the entire process.
The turquoise ocean, the lazy lounge chairs, the beach umbrellas, the white sand - oh paradise, I had missed you so much!

I knew that Nikki Beach South Beach was not as VIP as its sister in St Tropez, so I dressed casually and added a little hat for the cute factor (and also to protect my skin from the sun).

The food was actually not bad. I really liked that they had fresh fruit and their tres leches (hello, Miami!) was divine!

The drinks were good too. I had a couple of virgin mojitos which were quite refreshing. My mom had strawberry mojitos and my dad the average guy drink - bud light.

After Nikki beach, and the food and the drinks, I decided to soak in some more sun (hey, enjoy it while it lasts!) and just chilled a little more by the pool.
Overall it was a fun family beach experience which was just perfect.
Thank you for reading and I hope you've enjoyed it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make up du jour

Hi guys, I don't usually do make up posts, but thought this one that i did last Saturday looked particularly good. It was during the daytime, so I didn't want to do something too heavy.

I did a very natural foundation since I hate the cakey look. I finished it up with a mineral powder and some rose blush and a light bronzer.
For the eyes, I did a a light smokey with shades of ivory, a medium grey and a charcoal grey. I added some eyeliner to the base of my lashes to create more volume. I used a combination of 2 different mascaras to maximize my lashes (no, these are not fake - they are all me!). For the eyebrows I used some wax and a filler.
Lastly, I wore a tangerine color lipstick - I love going bold for the summer time!

Foundation - Vitalumiere aqua by Chanel #20
Powder - Mineralize skinfinish by Mac Medium
Blush - Joues Contraste by Chanel Rose Bronze
Bronzer - Aruba by Sephora
Setting Spray - Ultra radiance facial re-hydration by Benefit
Eyebrow - Brow zings by Benefit and speed brow also by Benefit
Eye Shadow - Scoot, Vanila and Silver Ring by Mac
Eyeliner - Magic Ink by Benefit
Eye pencil - Stylo Ebene by Chanel
Mascara - Volum'Express Colossal Cat Eyes and Volum'Express One by One both by Maybelline 
Lipstick - Mandarine Bolero by Givenchy

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you've enjoyed this easy to do make-up!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Villa by Barton G aka the Versace's House - Part 2

Dinning at The Villa was, in my opinion, a feast for the senses. Everything aspired to activate the senses. From the beauty of the dining room which were almost overbearing for the eyes, the perfect temperature of the champagne which left a soothing feeling, the flavors and presentation on every dish all combined with the graceful service made this an unique experience. You are at Gianni's. 

You are greeted by a fabulous set of china and obviously by the waitress. The amuse bouche was sent straight in by chef: shrimp with a punchy note of cilantro.

With a champagne glass on hand we selected our appetizer and main courses. A bloc of foie gras to begin with... there were notes of chocolate and compote = yummy!

My main course was a beef duo, and the filet mignon with the foie gras on top was just scandalous. Divine!

The desert was also something to write home about, an assortment of beignets ready to be dipped in a cinamon- coffee foam. Sumptuous!

Overall, this will be an evening to remember. Lots of pictures taken and a very pleasant time spent with my parents.
Thank you kindly for reading! I really hope you've enjoyed this post.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Villa by Barton G. aka the Versace House

For those of you following me on facebook or twitter, you already know I went to Miami to spend Easter. The weather was perfect and seeing friends and family was wonderful.
In addition to that, I had the opportunity to go places in Miami I had never been on my previous trips. One of those places is the restaurant on The Villa by Barton G most commonly known as the Versace house. Gianni's house in South beach remained with mostly all its original decor even though the home was turned into a small hotel (10 rooms) and a fabulous restaurant.
The dining room is intact and everything from the mosaics on the walls to the china used is absolutely gorgeous. The meal becomes an experience, a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Champagne is brought out at just the perfect temperature, the flavours of all courses are like an explosion in the mouth, the service is very attentive and the grounds ... (have I mentioned the mosaic on the walls?).
Since I knew the business atire was smart casual, I wore a bandage dress and added some color in the accessories - necklace and shoes.

Dress - Stretta
Shoes - Jean-Michel Cazabat in black here
Necklace - Anthropologie (sold out), similar here
Thank you for reading and I'll share the menu details with you on my next post - Yum!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A photo shoot - how fun is that?

As I've mentioned on my previous post, Saturday was a sunny and bright day here in San Francisco, ideal for ... A PHOTO SHOOT! I decided to come along in this adventure and help with the styling and whatever else was need from me.
So I put some comfy shoes on and headed to Baker Beach. We played with different outfits, hair styles, backgrounds and obviously light: from very bright at 3 pm to soft light after sunset at 7 pm. Edna, our model looked great (she always does) in very natural make-up.
I even challenged myself to take some pictures while Chloe was shooting, so I sneaked up behind her and shot some photos as well. Here is one of them:

Edna is the type of girl that doesn't need any Photoshop, her skin just glows naturally!

Here you can see Chloe playing with the light and the beautiful view behind the trees.

Fixing Edna's hair - just a fun experience overall!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you've enjoyed being a part of my photo shoot!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A sassy red dress

Hi everyone! This Monday, I wish you all a great week starting today - I know I am enjoying mine. 
This Saturday, I went to a photo shoot with the very talented Chloe Battesti. The setting was Baker beach here in San Francisco, needless to say it was absolutely beautiful, specially with the great weather we have been having lately.
I were a comfortable but sassy belted red dress, ballet flats, and a jacket (it can get pretty chilly with the wind over there). My make up was quite simply, just a bit of eyeliner and number 23 lipstick by Chanel (my favorite!).
Here are some pictures of my look:

Dress - Rachel Zoe in white here
Jacket - Elie Tahari (old) , similar here
Flats - Tory Burch
Watch - Gucci

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you've enjoyed it!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

100% Pure shampoo and conditioner

Since I've moved to San Francisco, I've become more and more selective with the products I choose to use. There is a concern here in Northern California with what kind of substances we are allowing into our bodies either through food, cosmetics or the environment. 
With that in mind, I am constantly seeking natural products that are free of heavy chemicals. However, if a product does not deliver, I don't see the point in keep using it just because it is natural - I might as well make my own homey mix and use it instead.
With hair products I've had quite a bit of disappointing experiences. My hair is thick, dry, colored and curly - the ultimate challenge for the hair industry! I've always been a Kerastase junkie (I still love their products!) and putting that kind of expectation into natural lines almost seems unfair.
I've recently started using 100% Pure shampoo and conditioner daily and have to say: I love it! My hair feels light and moisturized, the scent is delicious and the price is just right. I've done some research on the line and found out they have an entire collection of natural cosmetics including make up and skin care products.
I would definitely recommend the Honey & Virgin coconut duo of shampoo and conditioner which is the one I've tested so far. 
You can learn more about the brand directly on their website:

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have enjoyed it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comfy Sunday

I love lazy Sundays. Going to brunch, sipping endless cappuccinos, reading a great book or even enjoying the sun while laying on the green grass of our San Franciscan parks are of my favorite activities during my free time.
Dressing up (or down if you wish) in a casual, cozy way will put me in the right, relaxing mood to enjoy the weekend. Leggings, jeans, flats and a comfy sweater are great to be comfortable but still look good - I have to state, I am completely against sweatsuits and PJ's wore in public!
So here is the look I had on: a perfect relaxed and cute look. I paired black leggings, a striped button down shirt, leather flats, a little cardigan, a slouchy bag and obviously my favorite sunnies to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had lately.

Cardigan - Zara
Leggings - Hue
Flats - Tory Burch
Bag - Coach (old), similar here
Sunnies - Tiffany & CO

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you've enjoyed it! God bless you!

Monday, March 11, 2013

La Roche-Posay - Effaclar

Every time I travel to France, one of my favorite hobbie is to go to a local pharmacy and pick new products to chose from. French pharnacies are definitely the best, nothing to do with Walgreens (love you, Walgreens!), but you can find all fabulous cosmetic brands from Vichy to Caudalie, and of course my very favorite: La Roche Posay.
I have been addicted to their sunscreen for the longest time, and their thermal water spray is a must have. Now, I've found an entire line that I love and now I am definitely hooked! The line is called Effaclar and it's designed for acne prone skin.
Forget the clean and clear from your teen years. This is some serious stuff. They even have anti aging products for sensitive acne prone complexions.
So I just went ahead and bought everything I could get my hands on. The daily gel cleanser, the micellaire water, the matte moisturizer, the Effaclar cream and the FABULOUS serum. I know it seems quite a lot, but it's definitely worth it. My skin is feeling cleaner, softer, more even and the pores are significantly smaller.
For those who have read my skin regimen, I continue to wash my face with a wash cloth and avoid to touch it. Then, I will clean it with the toner. Next step is to apply either the cream (during the day time) or the serum (for the the night time). Last but not least is to apply the matte moisturizer which leaves my skin hydrated but not greasy. I love it! I would definitely recommend this line for anyone with acne prone or oily skin, it's absolutely amazing.
Thank you for reading and hope you've enjoyed it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The look - dusty rose cap

Happy Monday and President's day! Although not a day off for me, I wish that you guys that have that day for yourselves: Enjoy it!
We had a beautiful weekend here in San Francisco, lots of sunshine and the temperatures rose quite a bit during the daytime. Nights were chilly (as always) and did require sweaters, jackets and for those cold-handed even gloves.
Saturday night me and my girls went out on a sushi night girls-only quest. What a fabulous time we had! Girl talk is the best, isn't it?
So here is the look I wore:

I combined the dusty rose of the wool cap, with a traditional yet fun button down shirt, a grey cozy sweater, leggings and a good pair of walking boots.
Also, very light make-up with focus on the lips: I am wearing Chanel's number 23 lipstick.

Shirt: Anthropologie
Sweater: Zara
Leggings: Hue
Boots: La chausseria (old)
Cap: Mango
Watch: Gucci
Bag: Coach

Friday, February 15, 2013

A taste of Valentine's

Happy Friday! I am so glad this week is coming to an end, specially given the fact that I do need some rest from all the eating and celebrating of last night.
My Valentine's day was quite low-key, intimate and supposedly relaxing. We decided to avoid the restaurant crowds (bad service, packed, hard to get - call 2 months ahead reservations) and to do something at home that we would both enjoy.
First, we thought about doing a dinner box, just like last year. For those of you who don't know, there are certain restaurant and catering businesses that offer a pre-prepared dinner (appetizers, entrees and desert) all wrapped up with a pretty pink or red bow, oh the joy of a lazy Valentine!
However, the fondue idea was far more appealing this year. So it was settled! Cheese fondue, cold cuts and cornichons paired with cider and colored macaroons for dessert. Flowers and candles spiced up the atmosphere (who care that I was wearing PJ'S?).

Yummy, isn't it? Thank you very much for reading and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Navy blue and hues of fuchsia

Happy Valentine's day! I wish you all lots of love and that you are able to share this day with your respective other, friends or family.
I know we often say that Valentine's day is a commercial event and that love should be celebrated everyday. Well, that doesn't really happen (or am I missing something?), so Valentine's day is a great reminder to reach out to those special people in our lives and tell them how much we love and appreciate them.
So take the time today, and let people know that you are thinking about them, treasure them, can't live without them.
On another note, here is my latest work look where I wore a combo of dark fitted jeans, high heel cobalt stilettos and a hot pink scarf. I was going for a more sophisticated yet feminine look.

Scarf - Hermes
Jacket - Sinequanone (not sold in the US), similar here
Jeans - Diesel (old), similar here
Shoes - Jean-Michel Cazabat, available in Red here
Purse - Coach (old), similar style here
Sunnies - Tiffany & CO

Thank you for dropping by and hope you've enjoyed the post!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NYFW - Ralph Rucci (Chado)

New York Fashion Week is almost over. I did see quite a few collections I liked and I was pleased that the snow and snow storm did not take away from this special event (I'm sending you guys my love from San Fran - where it's currently around 60 degrees - please don't hate me!).
A collection that I've particularly liked from this season was Chado Ralph Rucci. For those who don't know, Ralph Rucci aka the American couturier is a world-known high fashion designer and artist. His collections and paintings are absolutely magnificent.
For his Spring 2013 collection, Ralph showed his savoir-faire through an array of beautifully made garments. The mix of materials, plisse, color blocking and embroidery techniques made this season very special. The transparent shoes are a must and the clean, elegant hair and make-up compliment the looks perfectly.
Here are some of my favorite looks:

What do you guys think? Amazing, no?
Thank you for reading and I really hope you've enjoyed it!