Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Stuff - Shoe design for dummies

Being a fashion designer is a dream of many. But there is one specific industry that is the true holy grail - and that, my friend, is the shoe industry. Shoes are often the most expensive piece on a lady's outfit, a lady's shoes are almost like her baby - they deserve love an attention.
But if we love our shoes, how much more do we love our shoe designer? I have heard women state the Manolo is the only man in the world that really understands a woman's soul (sorry Christian!). Now what if I told you you can be your own shoe designer? No, I don't expect you to be as good as the big designer names out there, but you can have a voice and design something that you would love to wear. Fantasy? Dream come true? Now it's a reality! Shoes of Prey is a website that will allow you to pick from colors to materials, to the height of the heels desired!
There are some pre-set models and we can customize them to our liking and for those who don't feel too inspired, there are some examples of designs other customers came up with.

Shipping is free worldwide and the price point is what you'd expect for a good pair of leather shoes at a retail store.

You can go crazy and design your own statement shoes for the season. Or even design the perfect pair to match that crazy bridesmaid outfit with that weird color your friend picked! If you can't find a specific design/color at a retail store, now you can create it!
As for me, I am still playing with the website, design is something really important to me (hey, I majored in it!) so I am coming up with just the perfect pair for the summer!

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