Monday, March 11, 2013

La Roche-Posay - Effaclar

Every time I travel to France, one of my favorite hobbie is to go to a local pharmacy and pick new products to chose from. French pharnacies are definitely the best, nothing to do with Walgreens (love you, Walgreens!), but you can find all fabulous cosmetic brands from Vichy to Caudalie, and of course my very favorite: La Roche Posay.
I have been addicted to their sunscreen for the longest time, and their thermal water spray is a must have. Now, I've found an entire line that I love and now I am definitely hooked! The line is called Effaclar and it's designed for acne prone skin.
Forget the clean and clear from your teen years. This is some serious stuff. They even have anti aging products for sensitive acne prone complexions.
So I just went ahead and bought everything I could get my hands on. The daily gel cleanser, the micellaire water, the matte moisturizer, the Effaclar cream and the FABULOUS serum. I know it seems quite a lot, but it's definitely worth it. My skin is feeling cleaner, softer, more even and the pores are significantly smaller.
For those who have read my skin regimen, I continue to wash my face with a wash cloth and avoid to touch it. Then, I will clean it with the toner. Next step is to apply either the cream (during the day time) or the serum (for the the night time). Last but not least is to apply the matte moisturizer which leaves my skin hydrated but not greasy. I love it! I would definitely recommend this line for anyone with acne prone or oily skin, it's absolutely amazing.
Thank you for reading and hope you've enjoyed it!

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