Friday, September 14, 2012

Cool Stuff - Inspiring Blogs

To write well research is often required and that's where fellow bloggers come in handy. There are several blogs that I try to check out daily and many, many blogs that I've passed through and decided they were not for me. So here is a couple of inspiring blogs I check out on a regular basis:

1. Garance Dore
She is French, fashion illustrator and photographer, she is fabulous, but most of all she is so funny! Every time I read her blog it feels like she is my bff telling me some crazy new story. Now with the new videos I feel like I know her even more and that I am seating next to her on the from row of NYFW (of course, like all of the other 780 000 readers).

2. The Sartorialist
Garance Dore has a boyfriend, the American photographer Scott Schuman. Together, they are the dream team (or couple if you will) of modern fashion. His blog has been listed by Time magazine as a top design influence. He walks the streets of Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and more taking beautiful pictures of stylish "normal" people, which of course include Emmanuelle Alt and the entire front row of Proenza Schouler's last show.

This fellow San Franciscan, Wendy Nguyen is an inspiration herself. Being raised in foster care and carrying her belongings in a trash bag throughout her childhood, Wendy graduated from Cal Berkeley. She majored in Psychology and has a style to put any fashionista to shame.

This is more of a collectible of images than an actual blog. It's an online community where anybody can submit their own picture (subject to approval) and be featured.
There is a lot to look into since there are dozens of pictures posted and accepted daily. One of these days I'll try to post one!

I hope you like the suggestions! Bisous!

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