Friday, September 28, 2012

Travel Guide - Asia de Cuba LA

For those who have watched the video How to pack for a short trip on the Meinglitter Facebook page, you know that I am currently in LA, Beverly Hills to be more precise. We flew in from San Francisco yesterday and having barely arrived at the Wilshire Hotel beautiful premises, we hit the night and went to have dinner at Asia de Cuba, the restaurant at the Mondrian hotel.
The decor is to die for, all done by Phillip Starck, the world-known designer with oversize plant pots where trees arch from. During the night time, there are some dim lamps that hang from the trees, seriously, this couldn't be more romantic!

The setting at Asia de Cuba

Now, onto the food, one word (no, actually two): punchy delicious! Everything is so full of flavor and the entire menu is a fusion of Asian and Caribbean cuisine, need I say more?
I had the jalapeno passion fruit caipirinha to start with and my husband and I shared the crab cakes. Then my husband had the coffee crusted steak and I had the giant gambas on the Mai Thai sauce. Yum!!!!

My caipirinha and my husband's mojito

What was left of the crab cakes at the time of the picture

Everybody finished their plates and went home full belly and happy!
Now onto the look I wore:

Here you can see a close up of my make up, lightly smoked eyes and nude-rosy lips.

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Caroll (old), similar here
Pumps - Louboutin
Bag - Chanel

Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoyed the Asia de Cuba!

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