Monday, September 3, 2012

Cool Stuff - Le carre by Hermes

The silk twill scarf or carre by Hermes has been a legend for quite some time now. Worn on the heads and necks of Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and now a days Rihanna and the Kardashians, there is still a glamour feel about this 90 cm (aprox 36 inches) piece.
It gives the pop of color to a whole outfit while still looking effortless. If you don't have any jewelry, a carre will look just as chic costing you a fraction of the price. Now, careful here, the carre is an expensive piece (about $400 depending on the model), but comparing to diamonds it is indeed a fraction the price.
I own a couple and like to mix and match different colors whenever I have a chance to. So when I saw the new version of L'instruction du Roy in hot pink, my heart just stopped! I though to myself, I gotta have this! So I lingered for a while looking at it and ended up postponing the purchase for a couple of weeks. Finally when I went to the website maybe 2 weeks later ready to click on the button buy, it wasn't there anymore!
What??? Where is it?? I called the San Francisco store and they didn't carry that color, I wrote to customer service and they said it was sold out on the website (no wonder!). So I called the Manhattan store and they had it! Pheeewww, what a relief! I ask them to ship it to me and 2 days later, here it is!

It came looking like this, I almost didn't want to unwrap it, it looks soooo pretty!

Here it is! Can't wait to wear this, perhaps for Fashion night out?

The sales girl, Stephanie, was so attentive! She even sent me a little treat: a packet of cards showing different ways to wear the carre.

And here are the knotting cards: each one has a picture of how it looks and on the back instructions on how to do it. I love it!!!! I usually wear it double knotted around the neck, but now feel that the sky is the limit!

What about you? How do you wear your carre?

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