Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fraxel - no pain, no gain

So, as I've previously mentioned here, I had several skin issues during my teen years and acne was far the worst of them. I've tried everything, from soaps to heavy antibiotics and nothing seemed to work. So I ended up having a very aggressive treatment with Accutane which did solve the root issue and put a end to my acne ordeal. However, I was left with some scarring as well as rosacea on my skin.
So through the years I came to terms with my skin learning how to take care of it since it's extremely sensitive. But the scarring remained a problem. That is until I heard about Fraxel, a skin laser treatment that is  performed with a special machine that uses fraction laser to force the skin to produce collagen and therefore getting rid of the scars, aging signs and sun damage.
So I decided to try it and bought a package of 4 sessions at Aura Skin Spa. I am familiar with the place since I had my laser hair removal done there as well. Aura is great, clean, the staff is very friendly and the procedures really do pay off.
Anyway, going back to Fraxel, what I can say is two things: first, it is extremely painful ; second, it works! The painful portion of it is only during the procedure, I didn't experience any pain during the recovery. The feeling is the same as if you had a ball full of hundreds of needles being rolled across your face, that happens in multiple passes (about 8). I was given some Valium to calm down and some Vicodin for the pain as well as had some numbing cream applied to my face each time about an hour prior to the procedure, but even so I felt excruciating pain.
The nurse that performed all of my procedures, Jennifer is just a sweetheart and understands my need to put on gospel music for the procedure (I keep chanting in my head: Oh Lord, help me!). She is also very professional and honest when it comes to increasing the intensity of the laser.
Now, the results: smooth, uniform, silky skin like I have not had since my acne ordeal started! I love it! I've seen about 70% improve already and wanting more.
Summing up, I heart Fraxel, even though I went to have the 4th procedure yesterday and look very red and swollen. I heart Fraxel, even though I can't leave the house for 3 days (Thank God, it's Memorial Day weekend!). I heart Fraxel and could hug the person who invented it (short, tall, tomboy, chubby, stinky, I don't care!). I really heart Fraxel!

Aura's facade

Their waiting room - look at this place!

A lot of UP-TO-DATE magazines to flip through

Snack corner with several tea flavors - Yum!

1h prior to the treatment the meds come, they gave me 1 Vicodin and 1 Valium

Alcohol pads to clean the face, numbing cream, and stress ball (couldn't go through the procedure without it)

Already with the numbing cream on

My lovely nurse, Jennifer!

Jennifer already in the procedure room, about to start

The laser beast, look at the size of this thing!

I wanted to be very comfy for the procedure but elegant at the same time

My look:
Shirt - Twentyone
Sweater - Ya Los Angeles
White jeans - Burberry
Pumps - Via Uno
Bag - Coach
Sunnies - Tiffany & CO

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