Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty tips - Here comes the sun!

Summer is about over in the Northern hemisphere. But since San Francisco is a planet of its own, September and October are the warmest months up here, so I am preparing for heat specially on my upcoming trip to LA!
My skin is very sensitive, it always has been. Anything too harsh, too oily or too acid will make me breakout even in my body. After a searching for years, I recently found peace with the Sunforgettable from Colore Science, I've already talked about it here.
But our bodies also need to be protected against the damages the sun can leave. That's where this perfect combo comes in handy! I bought them at this little pharmacy in Lyon (thank God for those!).

The perfect combo - Anthelios spray XL format factor 50, this will keep your skin safe from the sun + Posthelios which is the deep moisturizing lotion intended to sooth the skin after being exposed to the sun.
You can get these here .

XOXO and enjoy the sun!!!

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