Monday, December 31, 2012

Travel Guide - Les Carroz D'Arraches/ Annecy

Happy new year to all of you! I am currently in France and I just came back from the French Alps. It was my first time up there and I have to confess I quite enjoyed my time and felt really blessed to have been able to see such a beautiful region.
We went specifically to Les Carroz, which is about 2 hours from Lyon by car. There we met some friends and had a lot of fattening foods! It was a diet suicide but totally worth it.

The temperature was quite low and I was really thankful to have a warm coat on me. For those who are against fur, I sincerely apologize and do not mean to be offensive at all, the coat was a gift from my wonderful beloved friend Traci Peace-Greco and it belonged to her grandmother.

We stopped at this Chalet-restaurant called Le Marlow, where I had the Patates a la facon Lulu and a gigantic Hot chocolate with whip cream. Both of them were heaven!
If you are ever in the area, do stop by, I am sure you too will enjoy the flavors of the local Savoyard cuisine and the friendliness of the staff.

Le Marlow
5 Place Ambiance
Araches-la-Frasse, 74300

We stayed at this cute and secluded hotel-chalet called Haute Combe and it was absolutely fabulous! Here is a picture of me walking in the snow to get there. The view was absolutely breath taking. I would recommend this place to anybody:

Chemin de la Sarbotte
Les Carroz, 74300
+ 33 4 50 90 32 91

On our last day, we drove down to Annecy which is about 50 minutes away. Annecy is a pearl in the lake, absolutely beautiful. We walked around the lake and then had a hearty meal (another one!)  at one of the little restaurants in the Quai.

And to close our sejour, we went to the local restaurant Les Molliets where we shared yet another meal with our friends. On the menu: fondue and raclette.

Thank you very much for reading and I wish you a fabulous 2013. May you be blessed and all of your dreams come true!

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