Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cool stuff - Paleolithic diet

San Franciscans are know for being nit picking about their food. Is this apple organic? Is it fair trade? How many miles did it travel to get to this store and how much carbon dioxide did it produce? What about the beef, is it grass fed? Is it free range? Does it contain any GMOs?
So living here in the past 4.5 years, I have become much more concerned about the food I eat than what I previously have. Anyone can supply me with the full resume for this non-fat, cold pressed almond milk before you put it in my latte?
During this search for perfect nutrition, my Pilates instructor told me about the Paleolithic diet aka Paleo or Primal which is much more of a lifestyle than a diet. Basically is going back to our origins and finding nutrition that respects our DNA. We eat like our ancestors did back in the caveman days.
So what is so different about that diet? To start with, no processed foods are allowed (no shakes, no bars, no magic powder), only real food that looks like food should be consumed, anything artificial did not exist back in the stone era.
Also, if anything cannot be eaten raw, then you should ditch it. That includes all grains - corn, wheat, soy and similar. It also includes all legumes - beans of any kind; also avoid tubers such as potatoes and dairy.
OMG, so what can you eat? Vegetables of any kind, fruits, leafy salads, protein (even the fatty ones such as bacon and eggs) and nuts.
It has been quite a hard process migrating from my cheese and bread current diet to eating Paleo, needless to say my French husband has complained a "little". But I am definitely making progress and doing better today than I was doing yesterday.
The benefits I've noticed so far besides the slight weight lost (2 lbs in one week without eating any less than usual), are my digestive system is working better and I have this overall feeling of wellness.
If you are interested in learning more about the Paleo lifestyle, there is a website which is ideal for beginners called Mark's daily apple.
Below are some images of paleo meals:

For Paleo recipes, you can go to Elana's Pantry 

Thank you so much for reading and hope you guys have enjoyed my perspective on Paleo.

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