Friday, November 9, 2012

Nicolas Ghesquiere - where are you going?

There was a rumor, an unsettling feeling a few seasons ago chez Balenciaga. Each collection looked better than the previous one, sales going trough the roof, but it looked like the design team was not that cohesive anymore. Fast forward, we are in November 2102 and the breaking news finally come out: Nicolas Ghesquiere, head of Balenciaga, the one that changed the brand's image forever is leaving the company.
Why? We are still to discover. Who will ever be able to replace him? Another great question. But my main question is: where are you going, Nicolas Ghesquiere?
After being the head of a major brand, what more can a fashion designer's heart desire? I've overhead rumors that LVMH has its eyes on him. Mmmm, let's just wait and see!

A portrait of Nicolas

Pictures of Balenciaga's 2013 Spring collection: simply genius!

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