Friday, November 30, 2012

Cool Stuff - Fashion! A highly entertaining trilogy

I am a huge fan of fashion documentaries. I've watched anything from the Canal + bio on Karl Lagerfeld's life, to Diana Vreeland's the eye has to travel which I'll have to write a separate post about. With that being said, I was browsing through one of my favorite stores (both online and the actual physical one at Rue St. Honore) and found this gem!
It's called Fashion! (with an exclamation mark) by Olivier Nicklaus a delightful almost 6 hour documentary that tells the story of the last 3 decades of fashion, the 3-part DVD is composed by:

- The Golden 80's
- Antifashion (aka the 90's)
- Go Global (aka 2000's)

On a whim, I've placed the order through Colette's website and 48 hours later (no joke), the package arrived! My heart was pounding, I was so delighted that I wrote a long email sharing my wonderful experience and sent it to Colette: no response! What is the matter with you FRENCH PEOPLE?
Anyhow, I got home, put on my comfy PJ's, took the Vanilla Hagen Dazs out of the freezer and even made my husband watch it with me (he will never confess, but I am sure he enjoyed it as much as I did or even more - love you, honey!).
So if you are looking for something to do on a stay in Saturday night (pretty sure you don't have those, right?) or a lazy Sunday morning, this is a great suggestion.
Go to Colette and grab yours!

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