Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Belated Birthday

With us being in France last July, we ended up having a low key birthday celebration for my 27th year on earth. I really didn't mind and actually enjoyed the restaurant we went to "Brasserie des Brotteaux" in Lyon very much!
This is the second birthday that I spend in France. In 2011 I was in Paris with my husband and parents and we celebrated grand style with 4 bottles of champagne at the Deux Magots in St. Germain. Perhaps a new tradition?
Anyhow, we got back to San Francisco and continued with our lives, work and such. BUT WAIT! This Saturday night my hubbie surprised me! Totally out of the blue he came home with a bottle of champagne, red roses, a chocolate cake and BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND NECKLACE! I couldn't believe how sweet it was and was very touched (seriously I cried!).
Thank you, God for this new year that started, for all my friends and family that wish me well and for the wonderful husband that keeps surprising me even after 3.5 years!

The roses, candles and necklace!

Here is the detail of the necklace by Effy collections!

And this is the mirror he made for me! Not sure you can read it, it says Happy Birthday, my love! You can purchase them now on our website:

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