Monday, August 20, 2012

Travel Guide #2 - Paris Part 2

Continuing this guide about the city of lights (which I personally love!), I will share some of the best addresses in town, or how the French call it: les bonnes adresses, alors, a retenir!

3. Happy hours + Late night
Paris is the city of light, love, of the arts but also of great parties. There are great places to go from the apero (French happy hour) to late night clubbing, from jazz soirees in Montmartre to techno escapes close to the Bois de Boulogne. So here is my list of favorites:

1. Buddha Bar
One word about the Buddha Bar: atmosphere! This bar/lounge/ restaurant is located in the 8th district in Paris, very easy to get to, a bit pricey, good service and great drinks. The highlights of this place are the people and the music. Here you'll see the beautiful people of Paris, some tourists and some movie stars. You'll also listen to the best lounge music in the world (yeap, they've lauched several Buddha Bar cds). Come in, grab a seat or not, a glass of kir royal and enjoy!

Buddha Bar
8 Rue Boissy d'Anglas
Paris 75008

2. Carmen
When I've first heard about the Carmen, it made me think about my grandma since her name is also Carmen, and I'm glad they used such a lovely name for such a great top of the notch spot!
Really, the place is magnificent! This is an ancient mansion that has been remodeled and turned into a club, but still kept all his elegance and most of its original decor. It is open even on weekdays with the coolest DJ's in Paris. The drinks are great too, although a higher price point than usual (about 15-20 euros each). But hey, totally worth it!

Le Carmen
34, Rue Duperre
Paris, 75009

3. Favela Chic
Looking for some Brazilian style clubbing in Paris? Favela Chic is your place! It's a cool, low key venue with an unique decor (think old warehouse meets the Amazon meets lounge), you are barely able to notice it from the outside. Once inside, it's an explosion of colors, flavors and sound. 
The restaurant serves Brazilian dishes, such as feijoada (black beans) and moqueca (fish stew). Definitely worth a visit!

Favela Chic
18, rue du Fauboug du Temple
Paris, 75011

4. Interesting things to do in Paris:
Instead of waiting in line for hours at the Eiffel Tower, or running through the Louvre without seeing much, or even facing the crowds at Notre-Dame de Paris, change your pace. Enjoying life is the French way of life, spending long afternoons reading a book at a Cafe's terrace, having 4 hour lunches or dinners and actually enjoying the experience, talking about anything (politics, economics...) and then laughing about all things. So when in Paris, let's do as the Parisians do:

- Instead of trying to go up the Eiffel Tower , have a picnic on Let Champs de Mars. Pack local bread and cheeses and feast while looking at the magnificent Dame de Fer.
- Take a stroll at Les Jardins de Luxembourg. It's absolutely beautiful throughout the seasons.
- Get lost in the streets of the 6th.
- Visit the local bakery, fruit market, cheese market and bookstore.
- Go to Centre George Pompidou, visit the venue and then go upstairs to have a drink at the bar.
- Go to la Villete, visit the science museum and be amazed by all the gadgets and discoveries.
- Finally, go shopping for beauty products at a local pharmacy and find treasuries you won't be able to live without afterwards.

Hope you all enjoy, Paris! Gros bisous!

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