Monday, August 27, 2012

Make up class - learning from an amateur

My last post had a disclaimer that I find very important: I am no MUA, nonetheless I love make-up! The shiny packaging, palette of colors, the different textures (powder, cream, foam, liquid, mousse, spray), the smells and most importantly, how make-up empowers women.
Just a touch of red on the lips and we are ready to conquer the world! I know it, I feel it too, the days when I roll out of bed straight to the shower and out in 5 minutes without my glam on I feel closer to Norma Jean than to Marilyn Monroe. So here is one easy to do make-up that will make you look fabulous in less than 5 minutes, promise!

The look: fresh and healthy, with a little smokey on the eye lids.

1. Building the Foundation - I have been using this all in one foundation from Chanel for years. It doesn't look cakey and at the same time gives me great coverage. It used to be called Teint Innocence but after it has been reformulated for additional moisturizing it's called Vitalumiere. My color is number 20.

2. Staying put - on my everyday make-up I just use the Vitalumiere, but since I was going to a party I wanted to stay put all night long. So I add a layer of loose power by Mac.

3. Looking peachey - next step was to add some rose to my cheekbones. I like to do this in a 45 degree angle across from my cheek to sculpt my face. I think it makes me look thinner, Hallelujah!

4. Priming the primer - In the past, before I knew Benefit's primer Stay don't Stray, I used to suffer from a horrible condition: smudging eyes! God knows how I would sweat under my eyelids and end up with eye shadow all over. So this how it's done: apply a small dot of primer on the palm of your hand and then apply it all around your eyes and eyelids. This will also prevent those horrible concealer bumps. Next use a good liquid or pencil eyeliner to draw a line close to your lashes.

5. The glam momento - eye shadows are the best part of the whole make up routine, it's where we can take the biggest risks without looking like bozo. So I chose the one sweep by L'Oreal, which has a curved large brush which allows you to put on three complimentary colors at once! This saves you a loooot of time! 

6. Fake the mascara - No make-up looks done without the stiletto lashes. I just recently found this new Voluminous false lashes from L'Oreal and it works! I feel borderline drag queen with my 5 inch lashes. 

7. Kiss and tell - The final touch is the lips, but since I had already smokey black eyes I decided to go a little more neutral. I combined Chanel's #34 lipstick with their new lip gloss. It's almost like a collagen injection, the lips look plump and daring.

What about you guys? What is your favorite 5 minutes make-up?

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